Beauty in the Broken

Statements that make your eyes pop out, a dig that hits your heart in a moments time, that's exactly what I experienced the other day.

The other day I ran into someone I haven't seen in a few years, and when they walked up to hug me they said, " Good to see you, but you're to skinny and need to eat." Those were the first words she rambled out of her mouth. The words don't affect me like they used to, however I was taken back. If anything, it made me more sad for her, that she was at a place where she thought making a dig on someone was helpful. 

 Ya see, growing up I was active in sports, active in the community and took care of my health. In my early 20's I experienced a few hardships that drained me mentally, physically and emotionally. I didn't try to lose weight, I didn't try to get excessively smaller, I wasn't out to impress anyone. The stress I was experiencing drained me and it took me physically first. 

 I have been on a 4 year battle to gain the weight back to where I once was, I tried many avenues to fix it, praying, shopping for baggy clothes, eating healthier, working out, eating junk food just trying to gain pounds. I. Tried. It. All. But within the last year, something changed in me, for the best. I recognized that I am the same person God created me to be, no matter my size. I feel good, I have energy, and I am content in my skin. I love who I am flaws and all. 

 Freckles, wrinkles, gray hairs, access weight, to skinny, external scars, internal scars, congenital abnormalities. Self love is so important. Embrace them. Embrace what God gave you. Embrace where you've been. Embrace where you are today.  

 We need more people to see each other's hearts, rather than outward appearance. Inner beauty lies within. We need to build each other up, empower one another to accept our differences, and what characteristics make us who we are and who we were created to be in Christ. 

 And maybe the next time we see someone who looks different, or is shaped differently, or has other beauty marks that we don't have, let your words compliment them first showing you see their inner beauty. Your statement can uplift, encourage and carry through a life time.

 Until next time,