Less of me

Let's start by saying, To God be all the Glory

If it wasn't for his compassion and grace, there'd be no hope in our story

We try to act really tough, but inside we're really broken

Big boulders that stand in the way, so our feelings become unspoken

We tend to look around, others seeming cheerful as can be

or could it be that they're struggling, on the inside like you and me

Better image, more money, perfect marriage, less fights, more trust, best job

we all have different wants, but did we ask Jesus what makes his heart throb?

Dear Lord please help me, through the pains that are so relenting

I don't want to live a life that's fake, in the unknowns always pretending

When I walk the narrow road, is my lifestyle pleasing to God

asking him to guide my path, or are my ways a glorious facade

attending church on a Sunday, but the rest of the week about me

my time, my choices, my actions, Dear Lord please set me free

Your strength, your truth, your direction, think it's Jesus, when it's Satan

Chasing the things I want so bad, yet always thinkin people are Hatin'

When I speak let it be your voice, when I act, be your hands and feet

when I pray let me seek your truth, when I encounter others may it be you they greet

Keep changing me Jesus from the inside out, let me hold your worth and plans to be true

cause how I handle this life in your hands, I want others to see YOU

Until next time,