Love: The Most Beautiful Drug

Relationships. The most intense thrill, the most challenging obstacle, most laughable adventure, yet most beautiful drug.

To give someone your time, energy, a listening ear, playfulness and words of wisdom, yet the scariest of all, your heart. Something so fragile that can break you, yet so strong because it gives you resilience.

Her past was difficult and chaotic but still held on to the rope of hope, yet it was to inconvenient for him to try harder. The past was one who loved themselves to much to see the big picture, and she lost herself trying to get you both to see the big picture. He turned her strong, willing personality into an issue, He couldn't handle being loved so much, and challenged often, so he hid the very traits that made her.. her.  And so she fell. and it wasn't a smooth glide,that chipped away at her bit by bit,  it was one where she came crashing down till she hit rock bottom. and who would of thought a rock bottom could be so beautiful. In fact, it was a perfect rock bottom, one where the only way she could go was up!

And years later, she lived differently, not because she had to, because she choose to. She looked at relationships through a different lens. The lens of Christ. The searching stopped when she had Jesus. She didn't need a man to complete her, Jesus already does. And that sweet friends is the best perspective. Knowing you don't need anyone to complete you or fulfill your life, you already have it. So if you do open up your heart, it's because it'll be a great addition, to what you already have, and want to build on. When two fulfilled people come together and run this race of life, together. 

So to the man who'll love her next, she's not looking for you, she's not liking your pictures on Facebook to seek your attention, she's not dressing provocatively to catch your eye, she's not making a scene so she get noticed. She's not sleeping with you to try to trick your emotions. She is fulfilled. She already has all she needs. So if you do build a friendship and see where it goes, it's because she didn't have to try so hard like her past. It's because her trust in the Lord drew you in, the way she lives fearlessly was intriguing, and the way she laughs at and with you keep you young. But be aware since she can be a little crazy, she has the ability to Love you like crazy. To the person who chooses to Love her, in advance, Thank You for loving her, She will never treat you less than you are. Every time she sees you, she'll treat it as the first. She will be grateful that you two started as friends, dove head over heels into each others lives, where no questions are out of range, no topic has a filter, being challenged will allow growth and only a Love for God can continue to guide the two of you down a beautiful adventure. 

A beautiful quote that inspired me once read " I've come to realize that relationships are the only thing we can take with us to heaven."

Relationships. The most intense thrill, the most challenging obstacle, most laughable adventure, yet most beautiful drug.

Until next time,