Release and Receive

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are playing a constant game of ping pong in your brain?  Maybe its something you've been praying for. Maybe its a hurt you cant just let go of that keeps circling, or maybe it's something you're trying to accomplish and you cant quite figure out how.  You have? Well you're not alone on this one.

I have those days too, and sometimes I wish I could end the game of ping pong and declutter all the thoughts and ideas that are at war with each other. A dear friend surprised me with a ticket to join them at the 2017 Light Festival in St. Croix Wisconsin last night. I appreciated the kind gesture and said thank you. My first thought was, "a fun night out with great people, and we get to write on lanterns and release them, should make for a good memory." It wasn't until that night, when I realized how much more it really was. 

We took the hour drive, and got shuttled to our destination. Food trucks, face painting for the kids, a few cows roaming around and were given our lanterns. The next few hours were filled with enlightening conversations, shoving our faces with ice cream sandwiches and writing on our lanterns. We each had our own space and took the market to paper. All those thoughts that fill our mind that we talked about earlier..those are the exact things we put on the lanterns. Our biggest dreams that we long for, our fears that we keep stumbling over, our prayers that he's heard many times, the love, the hurt, the roadblocks, the how to's, the whens.. we wrote them all, unfiltered, and no shame attached. We all stood, sang God Bless the USA, lit the lanterns and released them into the sky.

Now in this moment, there were hundreds, if not a few thousands, who stood side by side in strong emotion, wildest hope and anticipation feeling Free. It was as if we released everything to God in that moment knowing he'd grasp on, and continue to lead and guide those heartfelt words.

The gentleman that was with us, his lantern ended up ripping before we got started, we saw the big rip but didn't know if it would soar through the wind and take. However, we believed it would, we wanted so badly for his to catch fire and release. It was his turn to light his, and.... it caught fire, filled up and there it went!

And so here's my message to you. What ever you're holding onto, what ever is playing ping pong inside your brain, release it, and give it all over to God. He can jump right into your thoughts and give you peace and direction. He wants us to come to him with everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The things that may seem impossible or out of reach, the things we try to handle on our own, or the things that we cant let go of. Release and Receive what he will give back to you. And just like that lantern, even if you feel ripped up, broken, with no direction, let God define you. He will be right there, to ignite your fire, catch wind of you, and help you soar. 


Until next time,