The Prettiest Deceit

The devil doesn't show up with red horns, a brutal face, screaming out loud "I'm Satan" In fact he usually shows up looking like everything we ever wanted. 

The thing that makes us feel the most loved, most alive, gives us the most pleasure, and providing the next thrilling adventure. And so we cling to it. We chase it hard, pursue to no end, keep it at the forefront of our mind, and unfortunately blind our perception, so we don't have to face the reality of it. Even more so, we may not have to blind our perception rather we get so caught up, the thought righteous or not, tends to drift away. 

When a person, an item, or a thought crosses our path that grabs your attention, it's always good to ask God, " is this from you" and then have a conversation with yourself. Not a "convince yourself out of it conversation, rather a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself conversation."

Would it be pleasing to God? Is this leading me closer to Christ? If I act on this, will others see Christ in me? Those 3 simple questions will provide your answer immediately. 

Now lets be honest.. a lot of times many avoid those exact questions, because they don't want to face the raw truth. You wear a mask to hide your heart. If you enjoy it, you convince yourself it's from God, and if you don't enjoy it, you convince yourself " God has better plans in store for me."

You can't play God for a fool. Your life is already mapped out. The problem falls back on you and your relationship with God. Do you trust him? Do you trust that his ways are far greater than yours? Do you want to do what's momentarily satisfying, or live righteously before God even if it takes months or years to experience the ultimate journey of Joy he has for you.

Make sure you're not getting caught up in a life of deception, because the exact circumstance you're caught up in , is the thing that's most disappointing to God. He is there with open arms and won't let you fall, ears fully ready to listen, and a heart that's beaming to provide for you, if you seek him and his will for your life, rather than your own. 

I John 4:4  He who is in you, is greater than he who is in the world. 

The tough part for us all us is usually God's plan doesn't look like ours. Our excitements are far different from what he envisions, our feelings that we get caught up in, are what we created, rather than what God provided, and the things that set our heart ablaze, if its not leading us closer to Christ it will lack God's authentic blessings he's waiting to pour out.
So I challenge you and myself, are you living the Prettiest Deceit? Is your heart fully ready to Trust God and receive his ultimate pleasure and best? It can be tough, but when you're living in God's goodness, holiness, and pureness, there's a fulfillment and peace that takes over you, and a glorious life that awaits. 

Be Encouraged ya'll, and Be Blessed. 

Until next time,