UNITE (poem)

I look at the world today, and it’s crumbling before our eyes

People are turning against each other, and the cities are filled with cries

Nation battling nation, Cities are being divided

Parents are in an uproar, and children are being misguided

I can’t go back and talk about, what got us to this point today

Instead of rehashing all the negative patterns, Let’s take action knowing there’s a better way

We could talk for hours about who’s in the wrong and who’s in the right

Passing blame onto others, thinking a fix is just to fight

That approach hasn’t worked, and I want to encourage you that’s not the way

Let’s do something difference for once, put it in Jesus hands, so he can have a say

Please don’t stop reading just because I said the word Jesus

He fills us with unconditional love and peace, it’s the devil who sneaks in and tried to tease us

Let’s stand for unity not division, support one another, not a head on collision

Show love to those we like, show love to those we don’t

If we choose not to take responsibility, change happening, wont

It starts within us, we can’t just wait and watch it unfold

We gotta be the peace makers in the community, it can’t be bought and it can’t be sold

Inner peace you can have it, it lives in you and me

You gotta reach in and find it, and I promise you’ll be set free

Showing respect and showing grace, to every person, every race

Not passing judgement, cause no ones the same, every individual has a story and each person has a name

Stereo types gotta go, the more you believe them, the less you truly know

Each person that you meet, I ask that you get to know their heart

Get rid of all the misconceptions, that’s being a leader and hey it’s a start

Stand up with positive action, stand up with a praising voice

Stand now and come together, let’s make division a past choice

You woke up today and took a breath, there are many cause of the chaos who don’t

If we all don’t personally make a stand to unite, just think, it could be you next who won’t

2000 yrs ago Jesus ended the debate on which lives matter, he died for us all, and paid a price

Black, white, Asian, Mexican we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are a family, let’s join as a team

 To LOVE cause he first loved us, lets unite and respect one another, on the streets, on the trains, on the bus

Let’s let go of pride and not be consumed trying to prove a point

Are actions show character that’ll take a stand

Let’s stand now, come together, let’s start building one another up and grab one another by the hand

Let’s rid the path of destruction, and start a city of peace not war

Cause people who unite and stand together, will experience blessing behind every door

We all have a choice to continue this battle, and individually try to win

Or we can stand to Unite together and stop living this life of sin

Jesus died on the cross, to forgive you and me

Let’s change today for ourselves and one another, and live a positive impactful life of who were called to be

We all fall short from perfect, but we have to strive to at least get it right

With you make a stand with me now in this moment, and stand together and Unite

Until next time,